Reviving the Links Worth a Look

Longtime readers of this little blog know that there was a time when my Links Worth a Look page was regularly updated with new links, neatly categorized by month. It has been a very long time since I’ve updated that page, but this summer I plan to rectify that.

At least once a week, I’ll be making an effort to update the page with new links that I think are worth passing on to be read by my vast numbers of readers. Because this is a reboot of sorts, I’ll start by posting the links in this post before adding them to the Links Worth a Look page later.

Here are my newest offerings:

  • Make Sin History? by Joshua Gibbs at Circe Institute: In his now trademark hypothetical conversations, Gibbs explores the modern folly of viewing sin through the lens of Rousseau rather than Augustine.
  • The Great Replacement Switcheroo, by Ann Coulter: It’s Ann Coulter, so no further commentary is needed from me. You already know this is controversial.
  • Men Without Chests, by Pastor Andrew Isker for Gab News: Isker examines the current crisis of masculinity and how it can manifest itself in these trying times.
  • Trans Facts, by Sondjata at Garvey’s Ghost: Sondjata lets the victims of this social and psychological contagion speak for itself.
  • Two Dimensional Strangers, by Hearthrose: Hearthie examines the inherent drawbacks and adaptations we’ve had to make living in this world where we have fewer and fewer personal relationships than our grandparents and great grandparents.

Note: While it is safe to assume that most of my Links Worth a Look article includes ideas I agree with, it is not accurate to assume that I agree with 100% of what is presented. If I include the link, it is because I believe that it provides genuine food for thought.

Happy Wednesday!

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