Reading Standards

It just occurred to me that since many people who discover me (or whom I invite among my real life acquaintances), will be devout Christians, I should probably issue a standard disclaimer concerning the books I will review in the space.

I read just about everything under the sun. I draw the line at romance novels and erotica, because I think the psychological and emotional ramifications of reading such trash is just as bad if not worse than the effects of the sexual content.

That said, I have read and enjoyed many books that have the occasional racy/erotic scene written into the story. Generally I just skip over that part, since after 2 decades of fruitful marriage, I know how sex works. The presence of such material in context, as a part of a well written and superbly executed work, is not enough for me to toss aside the book or refuse to review it. I will however, offer fair warning as part of the review for those of you whose standards are much stricter than my own.

Additionally, I read books with political and religious points of view that differ from my own. I am well past the age of easy impressionability and feel confident reviewing material with which I may disagree. There is no litmus test here based on religious correctness. Again, when the work is one that contains extensive material that needs to be disclaimed, I will do so.

When reviewing children’s books, I will be careful to categorize age appropriately and also offer any information concerning ideas that may need to be dissected more closely with young readers.


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